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Hi, I'm Laim [It's like Liam, but completely different]

I'm 21, from Scotland, I'm a Software/Web Developer and work in Asset Intelligence.

Below is a list of things I've made, the dates and a link if I can find it.

List is a work in progress, I've slowly realized that I've lost a lot of things over the years.

Twitter - Instagram - Snapchat - Last.fm - GitHub

MyHomeBoardPHP 2019 PHP/PDO Hostable Homepage
TrackPoop v1 2018 PHP/PDO Poop sharing site, like twitter, but for poop.
TAS 2017 PHP PHP Script to pull your recent gamer information from trueachivements.
SAMPing 2016 VB.NET IT Asset Management tool
PassMAN 2016 VB.NET Password Management tool
MFLMultiLanguage 2016 VB.NET DLL for multi language support in .net programs
NGUSB (FireFox Ext) 2016 Multiple Pulled the chat box from nextgenupdate and let you chat from anywhere
DOOM_MP 2016 VB.NET Launcher for doom (2016) for getting into mp/sp/snapmap
SteamShot 2016 PHP/PDO Steam community screenshot sharing site, added twitter, reddit sharing etc
MEGA-LOGIN 2016 PHP PDO login script using cookies
FileUP 2016 VB.NET Meant to be the younger brother of mfluploader, but wasn't
RecentListen 2016 VB.NET Program made for a last.fm clone website.
MFLUploader 2015 VB.NET Let you quickly upload files to a designated place to share with a link
MovieDB 2015 VB.NET Let you keep track of movies/films, using microsoft access
MEGASNAPR 2015 PHP Open-source php script for image sharing
NDSGViewer 2015 VB.NET Program to track roms for Nintendo DS
itunesPlayCount 2014 VB.NET Let you choose a random number for song play count
itunesRSS 2014 VB.NET Picked a random song from the charts via rss and played it
TwnPly 2014 C# Let you see what you were listening to and grabbed the lyrics
Screenshot! 2014 C# Let you take screenshots and upload them to ftp or imgur
PSNUsernameChecker 2014 VB.NET Checked a list of usernames to see if they were taken, using psn' api
MiniBeasts 2013 VB6 Made to track 'insects' that I found in biology class
TwiPi 2012 PHP Let you view join date etc from twitter before twitter showed it
PandaSocial 2011 PHP/XML XML based social website, first large project

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