I'm no longer a Web Developer as of June 18th 2017. This is an archive of old projects and source code I have, they're free to use with a link back here.

I've no idea if they work anymore. Some of them are old, some of them were tests, etc.

Some of these are Software (VB.NET) also, mainly legacy things I made for testing that turned out to be an actual thing.

This is not everything I have made, things have went missing or I am still adding.

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  • MEGASNAPR-Master
    • Created: 2017
    • Category: HTML, PHP
    • Download: MEGASNAPR Master
    • About: A quickly written Screen Sharing system that allows you to link images in the same form as Imgur or Gyazo, with a custom web page being shown at the same time.
  • MEGA-Login
    • Created: 2017
    • Category: PHP, PDO
    • Download: MEGA-Login Master
    • About: MEGA-Login is a PHP and PDO Login script that I created for a friend that required a back end to his website for a personal project he was going. I am unsure of the security, if any, that is on this. If you plan to use this on an actual project, I'd advise checking it for any security flaws first.
  • MyJournal
    • Created: Aug 18, 2016
    • Category: VB.NET, Software
    • Download: MyJournal Master
    • About: Unfinished Journal Entry program using Microsoft Access. Not sure how much of this is actually done, don't think it's functional at all. Extremely messy as it was my first time using MDB in a long time, and was trying to work out how things worked.
  • Pornanizer
    • Created: Aug 18, 2016
    • Category: VB.NET, Software
    • Download: Pornanizer Master
    • About: Pornanizer is a porn organization program that I gave up on because I lost interested and started using PLEX instead. I believe it had database access... but I can't remember.
  • FileUp
    • Created: Jun 18, 2016
    • Category: VB.NET, Software
    • Download: FileUP Master
    • About: FTP File Uploader that was partly finished but then trashed. It was a replacement of a previous program I had created but lost the source to, lost interest in completing so killed it off. No idea if it still works.
    • Created: Jun 4, 2016
    • Category: VB.NET, Software
    • Download: DOOM_MP Master
    • About: When DOOM (2016) was released you had to start up the game completely before entering Snapmaps or Multiplayer. This program was created in half an hour to remove that annoying part of the game and allowed you to boot directly into MP or Snap. This hasn't been looked at since 2016 so I am unaware if the code is even valid anymore.
  • NextGenUpdate FireFox Extension
    • Created: Jan 12, 2016
    • Category: Browser Extension
    • Download: NGUSB Master
    • About: FireFox Extension for the NextGenUpdate ShoutBox. It was still working as of May 2017 according to FireFox add-on verification.